Dont believe the negative press. Its a fun game with a huge amount of content and a bargin for the budget price.

User Rating: 8.3 | Crusty Demons XBOX
Crusty Demons is the type of game perfect when you’ve got some time to kill and just want to have some mindless fun.

The first thing I must address is the controls. Im not sure what the big deal is, I got used to them in no time and didn’t find them badly mapped at all. The voice acting doesn’t take its self seriously with over-the-top stereotyped accents and phrases that fit the game perfectly. With gratuitous amounts of swearing and a rock soundtrack, the sound adds immensely to the experience.

There is a huge amount of content for a budget game and it will keep you coming back for the multiplayer modes or just to see the creative ways you can catapult your rider off his bike.

Overall, Crusty Demons is a game that knows its stupid and it doesn’t take itself seriously. You get points for running over pedestrians, breaking bones and leaving blood skids. The game is fun to play and funny to watch. Get yourself a copy before the family game associations groups try to get it banned!!

Highly Recommended.