If you're a fan of the first set of Fallout games, you'll feel right at home with Crusader.

User Rating: 8 | Crusader: No Remorse SAT
Overview -- As I mentioned before, Crusader: No Remorse plays very similar to Fallout 1-2. You play in an overhead view, and you select different gadgets, weapons, and access terminals, corridors, etc. There's a lot going on here.

Story -- Nothing special. I honestly don't even remember it all too well. From what I know, you play as a commander who has to infiltrate enemy bases for data and intel, that's really all I can recall. So while the story is pretty non-existent, this game is all about the action and gameplay, and that's what I'll go over next.

Gameplay -- The gameplay is pretty simple. You play in an overhead view as mentioned before, and the combat consists of firearms, explosives, and even robotic gadgets. You use the D-pad to angle your cross-hairs so you can fire at enemies. I'll be honest, the controls do take a while to get used to. You'll find yourself running and having to change directions a lot, and since the game is in an overhead view, the directions invert multiple times. This is something that will annoy you at first, but as you progress through the game, you'll get used to it.

Final thoughts -- I think Crusader: No Remorse is a game that's really worth your money. It's not overly expensive, and we're not talking imports here. I got my copy complete and in great condition for only 13 bucks. If you look around on Ebay or Amazon, you should be able to find it in the same price range. And like I've stated before, if you liked the Fallout games, this is one I highly recommend. Or if you're a gamer that's not bent on having a top notch storyline, but just enjoys mindless action, pick up Crusader.