Despite the rather cumbersome controls, Crusader delivers an explosive action game that is sure to please Saturn owners.

User Rating: 8.5 | Crusader: No Remorse SAT
Porting successful games from the PC over to a console is no new thing. So it should come as no surprise that Crusader: No Remorse found it's way on to the Saturn after enjoying a great run on PCs. The game tells the story of a hired enforcer simply known as a Silencer, who is betrayed by his superiors after a botched mission in which our hero refused to fire upon unarmed civilians. Needless to say, this act pushes the Silencer off the edge and he joins forces with the Resistance, the very same group he had until this point been hunting. What follows is an explosive romp through 15 mayhem filled missions.

The gameplay in Crusader suffers slightly from some cumbersome controls. Running around, busting caps into WEC guards and troopers is no easy task with the Saturn controller at first, but luckily you get used to it. The game is played from an isometric view, utilizing the Ultima VIII -engine. Crusader games are divided into missions, each with their own locations and objectives. Settings vary from military bases to factories to offices to space stations, and contain a variety of enemy soldiers and servomechs, traps, puzzles and innocent bystanders (who can be killed with no penalty). There is an additional incentive to kill unarmed bystanders in No Remorse, as the player character is able to loot the bodies for credits which are used to purchase better weapons. As well, all locations have alarm systems, which can be triggered by the aforementioned bystanders (another reason to eliminate them). The coolest thing about Crusader is the fact that almost everything in the environment is destructible and satisfyingly so. The game is also satisfying in the weapon department, as the game's firearms are graphic and often morbidly entertaining in their use: one weapon, which fires ultraviolet radiation, literally burns the flesh from the target's bones, whereas someone struck within a rocket's splash damage radius will catch fire and run around screaming before collapsing into a pile of ash.

Graphically, Crusader: No Remorse is a decent addition to the Saturn library. While some polish and sheen was lost in the translation from PC to console, the game features varied and destructible environments, excellent effects and a lot of action on screen at once.

The audio in Crusader uses a specially made engine called the Asylum Sound System. This system delivers an excellent aural experience to go along with the cool (but oh so cheesy) FMV sequences, not to mention great sound effects and a thumping techno score that would feel right at home in any rave party.

In the end, despite it's minor shortcomings (clunky controls and slightly inferior visuals when compared to the PC version), Crusader: No Remorse delivers an enjoyable and ultra-violent action extravaganza that any Saturn owner should feel obliged to check out.