i was excited this gae finally came back, until i saw it on screen -.-

User Rating: 2 | Cruis'n WII
The series was already kind of crappy on the N64, but thats ok, itwas just an N64, 2 generations later, he series couldnt be worse. The Nintendo 64 could have seriously pushed up this kind of gameplay/graphics with a 72 bit expansion pack if the n64 was still workd on. I guess I got a wii with to high an expectation for it's future games because I have never seen more loads of crap comming out on a system for the sole purose of dishing out a few bucks to regain the 200 bucks spent on development. There's not much more to say about that except for how super slow this game loads for what it is, and for the price i saw it in stores? 40 bucks canadian for that rofl, if u wanna play this, do yourself a favor and download project torque for free and play that "FREE" game and in the short and long runs you will appreciate the fact your playing a visually superior game for zero dollars and zero cents that is fully multiplayer.

I give it a 2 cause it still actually works...for N64 -.-