The "end all" game for the psp, it is the best as predicted! Read to find out why...

User Rating: 10 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
FF7:CC is the best overall game for the psp, from then graphics to the gameplay its all good.

The story is great as you would imagine, good ol FF7 lore :) I think the story is the best part of the game honestly. (I wont spoil anything :P)

The graphics are the best ive seen but I have yet to play GOW:COO. The CG is as good as advent children was so that speaks for itself. For the real gameplay its also great from the details to characters to the art design its all top notch. You get to see a improved visual side of midgar which is nice.

The sound is perfect, they did a awsome job with this games music and sound effects, voice actors are pretty good too. I mean the music is GREAT in this game.

The gameplay is really fun imo, it feels good when you pull your dodges off etc. Im not sure if being a action rpg helps it or anything but I had a absolute blast with the combat! There is a slot machine type of thing in the top left corner which you have seen before im sure, it randomly pulls off limit breaks and summons frequently as well as levels (but i think the levels arent random). It is free roaming to a point, nothing like FF7, but it does like you roam around a few areas, and the missions are free roaming on paths.

And to end thew review I have to note that it has a new game+ and a hard mode that you can start from the time you turn the game on. So the replayability is high! The CG cutscenes I must brag on again they are just so well done, especially the fighting scenes. Overall this game is what you have waiting for and if you didnt hype it to the universe then you will be happy with the game.