[9.5/10] One of the Best games ever to be released on PSP and probably the best in FF VII series.

User Rating: 9.5 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
This is Definitely one of The Best PSP Games of all Times
i am not a fan of Final Fantasy Games but this one just blew Me Up with Great Story Great Sound and Graphics this is Just almost Perfect Game for a PSP Console !!!

- The Details -

* Graphics - 100/100
Seriously The Graphics are amazing The Cut-Scenes Graphics even Better !!! very close but not better that GOW chains of Olympus

* Gameplay - 85/100
Even Though The Controls Works Well The "Activating Combat Mode" System is Really Annoying but still it fits well for PSP

* Sound - 95/100
in short: Voice Acting - A+, Music Tracks - A+, Sound Effects - A- close to perfect but the developers need to work more on sound effects

* Design - 100/100
What Can i Say I Love This game
The Whole Game was Designed Very Well

* Story - 100/100
the story is Perfect nothing to say it is just perfect the story mode is over 10 hours + the challenges over 5 hours lengthy and fun game

Final Rate of 9.5/10
Must Have for a Final Fantasy Fans and RPG Fans !!!