A likable hero and straightforward gameplay make Crisis Core a great pick for your next vacation.

User Rating: 8 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
Crisis Core is the kind of game you play when you want to defeat a few monsters and follow a story without too much involvement. Don't expect the plot to be profound.
Do expect to come away liking Zack Fair. This game is his moment in the spotlight and Squeenix didn't waste it.

---refreshingly simple
---one playable character, but:
---plenty of items and materia to keep you occupied
---it can be repetitive
---it only becomes oppressive if you decide to play as many missions as possible. (Unless you're a perfect game junkie, there's no real need to play them all.)

---satisfactory as an intro to FFVII
---comprehensible even if you've never played the '97 classic.
---as a story in and of itself, Crisis Core is lacking in depth
---prime antagonist is irritating, incomprehensible, and does nothing but monologue.
---however...Zack is incredibly likable. This is its saving grace. It makes me think that the writers put most of their efforts into his character.

---good voice acting
---some memorable music in the sound track
---too many grinding metal rock tracks. (I have a problem with the style because it sounds muddy over the PSP's speakers. For instance, it's difficult to distinguish the tune of the battle music.)

--a few gorgeous CG cutscenes, worthy of the PS3
--decent in-game graphics