I love cricket so this is a great game for me.

User Rating: 9 | Cricket 2005 XBOX
I love cricket, tests , ODI , T20 i watch as much as i can , so i love this game .At first i found it to be frustratingly hard to bat but now i play on hard mode and have no problems. I have created players on my team and my opposition team to make it harder so i am playing against the best with the best.
Batting against spin is my favourite , wait for a short ,not a long hop ball outside off , six hit -advance down the wicket straight drive or on drive . Time your shot , just as the bowler starts his forward arm movement . Practice this in the nets for a while.
I do this against seam/fast bowlers as well
Timing is the key to every shot and it is all about practice.

As i said i play on hard mode , to date my highest scores are-TEST 1776, highest player score 501, ODI [50 over] 647, highest player score 278, T20 456, highest player score 174.
Bowling is easy . i bowl around the wicket and aim for just outside leg stump with the aim of swinging/spinning the ball through the gate . Full spin/ swing and then adjusting the spin/swing at the last possible moment to less of. Best bowling figures are with a medium pace right hander [ my character] of [9 for 0] off 3.4 overs .
CHEAT well sort of , hit a ball to long off say , just as the fielder bends down to field the ball press pause then un-pause and he miss-fields it and the ball invariably goes for four. Try it a few times to time it right , it may not happen every time but about 85%. It also can work when you sky a ball and the fielder is about to catch it , resulting in a missed catch .