Cricket 2005 has everything you would want in a cricket game.

User Rating: 9 | Cricket 2005 XBOX
This game is for any cricket fan who has an Xbox its the best cricket game to date.

Gameplay - The game play in this game is awesome you can do everything you can do in a real cricket game. If your a batter You can play all the major strokes that are played in a cricket game. You can play front foot shot, the back foot shot, You can advance on the ball (Running to the ball to hit it) You can block the ball. Leave the ball if its a wide or no ball, And when playing spinners You can play the reverse sweep shot and the sweep shot. There is also a six hit button to smash the ball up in the air. But to play the six hit shot you need to have your confidence bar up or eles the ball will be caught by a feilder. And you can not play the six hit shot if your playing with a lower order batsman. Now when your fielding there is an option you can choose to field manually or automatic. If your a fast bowler you can bowl all types of deliveries. There is the standard bowl the in-swinger the out-swinger The seamer. And if you get you your special meter you can bowl a youker and a bouncer. And for spin bowlers leg spin you can bowl leg spin, the flipper, the googly and the wrongen. And for off-spin bowlers there is the fast bowl the off breaker and when you get your special meter up you can bowl a doosra. And thats why i gave gameplay a perfect 10.

Graphics- Cricket 2005 has the best graphics in a cricket game to date. The cricket grounds look great and the people in the crowd. And sometimes it rains its a nice effect to this game and looks real. The pitch looks great and the stumps. With the cricket players they do have some resemblance to the real players but could look better that is one of the down falls to the graphics in this game. Thats why i gave graphics a 9

Sounds- The sounds are fairly good in this game its got all the normal sounds of the real game. When the bowler knocks over the stumps it has a good sound of the bails flying off. And when you hit the ball you can tell if it was a good hit, because when you hit it out of the middle of the bat it makes a different sound to when the ball is hit not in the middle of the bat. With the commentators They have some good saying but after you play the game for a while you will here the same sayings over and over again and it gets quite boring. And when they are saying players names it is in a different tone to when they say the runs they have made or something like that. Thats why i gave sound a 7.

Value- Cricket 2005 is great value hours of gameplay there are heaps of tournaments and tours to do. You can do the ashes tour the world cup. Or you can tour any other country and play test matchs and ODI's. And for Australians you can play state cricket You can play as one of the six state teams Victoria, south Australia, New south wales, western Australia, Queensland, Tasmania. And you can play the ING cup and the pura cup. And for English people you can play county cricket and go all the england teams its great. It also keeps a record of all the trophies you have one. And you can also make your own players and add them to the australian squad and it keeps track of all the wickets you have taken and all the runs you have made. Cricket 2005 has everything you want in a cricket game. Thats why i gave value a perfect 10.

But for people who havent played cricket or watched it do not get this game this game is only for cricket fans.