Disappointing!! I thougt it would be much better!!

User Rating: 6.7 | Crash Twinsanity PS2
Yeeeyy... here again to try to get my playstation 2 afictionados emblem back!!
Ok... lets talk about Crash TwinSanity

Very very very disappointing. All the crashes were doing well until I found this one.

The game play is a sh*t.... I hate it!!
There are times in levels that you have to chrouch, and then, when you chrouch, you go forward and you fall in water... like... you have to try it times and times till you figure it out.

Graphics are not very good. It's very very better than playstation 1, but when you play warth of cortex you be disappointed with twinsanity.

Sound is boring. Since the begginning of the game there is a music, in the next level there is other and in the next other. but there are only these 3 music and when you played 2 or 3 hours youre tired of thet music and you get the sound off.

That's it... if i could say anithing to you: waste of time! buy warth of cortex... it will be better!