Counter Strike just doesn't work on consoles

User Rating: 5.5 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive X360
It's counter strike, it's one of the greatest FPS shooters of all time on the PC, it requires speed, precision and teamwork. And it isn't just a twitch shooter. Those of you who are familiar with counterstrike will be pleased to know that not much has changed in terms of gameplay, it still has the standard counterstrike mode and now has the inclusion of demolition and arms race which both aim to give you shorter, faster paced bursts of gameplay. Both new (arms race isn't really new, it has been a mod for ages, but now it's included in the game) gametypes are hugely enjoyable and are much more frantic since they are played on smaller maps. However these gametypes seem to be aimed at the call of duty fanbase, which is by no means a bad thing, I myself have played many hours of call of duty on both PC and Xbox, it just seems a lot less skill is needed to play these gametypes and can lead to some aggravating deaths. All the buttons on the controller are rebindable, which is brilliant and needs to be implemented in more console game, it allows players from Halo and Call of Duty to both change their control scheme to allow for how they want to control the game. However it in controlling the game that the game falls short. Counterstrike NEEDS to be controlled with a mouse and keyboard. the 360 controller simply doesn't offer the precision needed to play this game effectively. Unless you are of MLG level on consoles then you will find it hard to jump in this game and actually kill people. So unless you don't mind sticking with the game until you perfect your accuracy and dying a few thousand times, I would not recommend this game on Xbox.