If you're considering buying Global Offensive via XBLA, I'd really save your money... for now.

User Rating: 4 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive X360
I've been a fan of the Counter Strike series for a long time now, and not one has come to disappoint me, and are among one of the most balanced, hardcore and fun multiplayer shooters I have ever played. However, I stuck to Counter Strike as the PC game that it was born from, and even though I enjoyed the original Xbox version (that was basically Condition Zero), I still think the franchise is best played using the keyboard and mouse.

Now one day I decided to give Global Offensive a shot on the Xbox 360. I was looking for another shooter game besides Call of Duty and the other usual FPS "must haves" of today, and was curious to see whether Counter Strike really stood a chance on console gaming.

I can safely say, at least in this case, it doesn't.

Global Offensive is just downright offensive to anyone who is clumsy enough to purchase this at full price. The game lacks what makes the PC version so appealing. The menu feels too simple and stripped down, and I felt there weren't enough options to tweak for my custom game liking. There's a very small amount of maps to select from, which is a shame considering console gamers won't be able to download custom maps like the PC versions of Global Offensive.

However, what's I felt what a real smack in the face was two thing; horrible aiming, and ridiculous amounts of lag. Now I'm not entirely bothered that the game lacks an aim-assist feature that most console FPS games provide, infact I think it's a good thing. But the aiming sensitivity in the console versions of CSGO just feels bad. Opponents are either too fast for your aiming to catch up, or you're too fast and one slight analog knock can send you aiming way off target. There's no in-between, which only proves why CSGO just feels far more suited to the keyboard and mouse.

Now then, the lag... oh the wonderful lag. About 80% of full games you join, lag is ensured. Just when you're shooting someone, you find yourself in a completely different room.. or dead. You'll notice your shots not hitting, you'll notice you're being shot from nowhere. Yeah, it's just typical, terrible lag, and it's very noticeable.

It's been a fair few months now, and still no word of a patch to fix these problems of the console versions, or even to at least fix the lag issues. For that reason, I'm staying clear away from the console's CSGO, and I recommend you do the same thing too.

Valve, someone, please fix this.. this is really not like you.