This game offers great multiplayer gameplay and intense missions that test your tactical knowledge.

User Rating: 7 | Conflict: Global Storm XBOX
In Conflict: Global Terror you play as four different military specialists who are sent on dangerous missions around the world. It wont take you long to get use to the controls and if you are playing the multiplayer campaign you get use to controlling more than one person. Compared to the other conflict installments this game has gotten a major face lift as far as graphics go, but the A.I. is another story. The A.I. in this game are probably some of the dumbest A.I. I have ever gone up against. Even if you play the game on hard the A.I. still just doesn't cut it. There isn't much to say about this game but the fact that is an "ok" third person shooter. If you want a good multiplayer game then i would probably recommend this game to you. Just be prepared for a confusing but slightly interesting plot and bad A.I. . All in all it isn't that bad.