Great 4 player co-op

User Rating: 9.5 | Conflict: Global Storm XBOX
Conflict :Global Terror is the fourth game in the conflict series. You will play as a four man squad played in two previous conflict games. (Conflict desert storm & Conflict Desert storm II back to bagdad). I'll give you a scoop on the characters before i get to the story. Your leader in the squad is named bradley. He usally carries an assault rifle and an SMG as a secondary weapon. Next is Connors who is a heavy weapons specialist. He carries an LMG along with a LAW. After him we have Foley who is a sniper. He carries a sniper rifle (obviously) and a silenced SMG. Last but not least is Jones who is a demolitions specialist. He carries a silenced SMG along with a shotgun. Now at the beginning of the story you are sent into the korean jungles to recon but then are soon captured. Now it is your job to get your asses the hell out of there.

Gameplay- 9.0
The gameplay is pretty fun throughout the entire game as far as waves of men steaming out form walls , rocks , ect. Which of course is fun.

Great sound effects.

This game is pure fun if you have 3 friends looking to kick it alongside with you. but if you lack social skills you can always play 4 player co-op online.

Graphics- 9.0
The graphics are great.