wow, this game is an awesome co-op game

User Rating: 8.9 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
this game is great, but really great when you play co-op. I mean seriously the game is pretty good, BUT EVEN BETTER WHEN YOU HAVE A FRIEND TO SEE ALL THE FUNNY MOMENTS. The game is even better and balances itself out with its funny moments and the game in general. Which makes it a pretty good game. So just rent it if you can. THEN BUY IT. I dont know why gamespot deoesn't like but i personally like it. Great game. Definately please if you are reading this just please try it, with a friend, it makes it so much better, believe me. So just as a favor to me just play it and if you have good humor and like tactical-shooter games then seriously rent this. I am not like a complete serious gamer and i love this so for those people who like games but not for life and the others that like games for what they are then please just get this (or rent it). Either way it will be fun for the time you have it.