This Game walks all over other Swat/Anti terrorism games, Rainbow six and SOCOM had better watch out!!!!

User Rating: 8.8 | Conflict: Global Storm PS2
I was never a massive fan of the Conflict games, The original desert storm and Vietnam were Abysmal with a capital A, but Conflict desert storm 2 had a certain thing about it which made me buy it, but i returned it in disgust and here I am now 2 years later and I am writing a review on the latest in the series (and preaching about how good it is)

First of all, the graphics, simple, effective but not the best I have ever seen but they do their job, slightly too grainy for my liking (i am reviewing the PS2 version so graphical imperfections are likely to happen) the best level I have seen so far is the Ukrainian Refinery, the character models are well built but the same enemy models are used pretty much the whole way through the game

The sound, well you got all the different gun noises and speech, as with the enemy character models the enemy's speech is nearly all the same

Gameplay and controls, the controls are easy to get to grips with, the only main gripe is the quick grenade button, handy and efficient but it is already configured to a pre set grenade (from what i know, i haven't found a way to change it, but if you find out please message it to me) Gameplay is easy, all the standard, lean, run, crouch, prone, moves and team orders are all there at your disposal, also this time around your team mates are not complete morons and will provide substantial fire on targets, sometimes even quicker than you can.

Luckily only a couple of vehicles have made it through, because lets face it in the old games the vehicles were rubbish and guess what, they are even worse this time around.

Multiplayer is where things get good 4 player Internet (i haven't tried it) but 2 player CO-OP allows you and a friend to play the whole game the entire way through and it is fluid, suffers from slight slowdown and framerate problems but is very cool and enjoyable (unless your friend can't play for their life)

Value wise, you could get it for around £20 or less ( I got it for £9.98 from Blockbuster brand new)

Thank you for taking your time to read this and please leave decent feedback
P.S. (this is my first review)