Comic Book Hero

User Rating: 9 | Comix Zone GEN
As a saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words, I've always been a fan of comic books and still am, both the written word and art are just a beautiful combination because it always gives you the feel that the characters, everything they do and everything around them is really alive and that your seeing not just a story but an alternate world.

This is another one of my favorate games for the system that I felt has been criminally overlooked and doesn't get the recognigtion it deserves. It really was something different, and as a fan of both comic books and video game it was the kind of game I've been waiting for.

The plot almost similar to the video game "Viewtiful Joe" (another underrated gem and one I reviewed) only your jumping into a comic book which I thought was cool, as a kid I wished sometimes I could do that just to be part of the action. And that's part of what makes this game great because you have that opportunity.

The characters are cool and memorable, Sketch has charisma as well as the martial arts skills to boot; not to mention a pet rat whom is strangely smart which is very useful for certain situation he can help you in. The rebel girl forgot her name, not much to say about her she's hot and very helpful in warning you about danger and delevering certain helpful tips. Music is also very good, it really fits creates the right mood sort of a hip action movie vibe.

I love the format and graphics with it, it's some of the best things I've seen in video games. The format really creates the illusion that your really in a comic book, your practically jumping from panel to panel, and each pannel is always something different and a new chalange. Even when the characters talk you do see the verbal bubbles pop up. The characters are well designed their bright, colorful, detailed well. But I most of all love the background drawings which are just great, it really presents a ruined postapocalpic world remonicent of the anime/manga series "Fist of the North Star" which is ironic I mentioned since the comic series Sketch created is loosely similar to that one. All that just really drew me into the game and gave it a participatory feel, making me want to know what's in the next pannel, what will happen next. It also makes me wish that the comic book series in this game became a real comic book series, though on second thought I don't know if that could work.

The gameplay is simple, solid, and also adds to the particpatory feel because you really feel like the actions you take in the game have an affect. The combat system is great you can create combos and there is some technique involved.

But I have to warn you the game is hard, well not totally hard the game is beatable, it's just there are some parts of the game that can be a little tough where you litterally can't afford to make an error. Which is why this is a game where you have to take a bit of time with cause there are some sittuations in the game that involve a bit of enginuity. Also the enimies are total pushovers, they have a few moves that can almost make them even to you skill level, so beating those enimies does involve some skill and stratagy which I've felt is one thing most beat em up lack.

If I have one problem with the game is that I thought it was a bit too short, after beating this game I litterally wanted more, I felt the adventure could of been at least a bit longer. But then again that's sometimes how I feel about a very good comic book arc or issue, the ride is short but a sweet ride.

So why read about other comic book heroes when in this game you can be your own.