A highly addictive racing game! Good graphics, realistic and definetly worth playing! For all rally fans and racing fans

User Rating: 8.5 | Colin McRae Rally 04 PC
One of the best rally/racing game I've ever played. The best gameplay, amazing graphics, and highly addictive.

GRAPHICS - The graphics are incredible. Every detail of the cars/tracks captured. Very realistic too. Shows dents and dirt on your car if you go a bit out of control.

Sounds are spot on. The cars, the fans, the music is perfect. Crashes and skids seem to be realistic!

The game is simple to play. I use Auto and play with one hand. Up, Down, Left and Right is all I need to use to play! Because of it being so simple, it is highly addictive, and easy to play! The difficulty of this game is just right I think! It takes about a race or two to get used to it!

I am happy buying this game! I can always get it out and play in any mood I'm in! I feel my money has been spent wisely and I would buy it again if it was to ever get stolen!