This is an excellent racing game, I would recommend it to any rally enthusiast you won´t be dissapointed.

User Rating: 9 | Colin McRae Rally 04 PC
Even though this game has been out for quite a bit, it is the best PC racing game i have ever played, the =% version Mcrae is very similar and besides the different cars the game quelity is pretty much the same.

Colin Mc Rae 04 is perhaps the best PC rally game it gameplay its excellent it is just like if youe were driving the care.
The graphics and detail are excellent, good sound, the tracks are very real and there arer a lot of options to tune up your car this added with the awesome gameplay, gert´s you an excellent game that you will not wan´t to erase even for the newer games and graphics of recent games.

I would definitiley recommend it to anyone who likes car races not just rally!!!!