So frustrating is frighting!

User Rating: 5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
I really tried to give this game a try, but am sorely disappointed. Forget about using a keyboard and mouse. I found I was remapping keys and contorting my fingers to make the game at least semi-playable. Even with some keyboard ninjutsu, I got thrown for a loop during quick time events (QTE) that made me throw in the towel and hook up a controller. Ok, so it should be all good right? Nope, once I was able to actually PLAY, the game continued to disappoint with the mess of characters you are trying to juggle to use and keep reviving. Trying to babysit your Alpha and Omega teams detracts from the actual action. It's tough to think of a strategy when you are busy running around healing your characters. It would also be nice if they obeyed when you command the teams to stay put. Some of them are at least fun to use. I found myself using Cole whenever I could. Once you manage to pass a section you are sometimes left wandering looking for a way to progress while the other team members are barking at you to hurry up. Would have been nice to have clearer mission objectives and way points. Did I mention those !@#$ing QTE! They do not belong in a FPS. Look elsewhere for your thrills. This game will leave you in a fetal position when you're done, but for all the wrong reasons.