Over hype for such a worthless Game. Where is the horror promised? Where is the great game promised?

User Rating: 3 | Clive Barker's Jericho PS3
Ok, I was surfing on a PS3 forum where I saw a Jericho's topic opened with posts made before the game's release and I felt the duty to come GameSpot and write a review at this (almost huge) crappy game.

So, let's start with the hype that was generated before the game's release, it was promised a great horror game, full of action, with a great story, gore rated M and bla bla bla, all those beautifull things the media say. After reading so many marvellous things about the game I got excited and so anxyous for the game to came out.

When the game came out and I started to play it, quickly I get really mad, because I didn't bought the game that was promised. First thing, the game's difficulty is null, you only need a good aim, because all the puzzles and obstacles you face are solved by a good samaritan squadron mate, yes, and more than that, when you are going to start to think in what to do he has already said what do you have to do. THANKS HOLY MATES!! THANKS!! Then the HORROR, where is it? Ok, I get it...they were talking about your mates IA that is HORROROUS in combat, they are really dummies, more like CS bots at Very very easy mode... They are dying every second, they are worthless against the enemy and more, sometimes they just get in front of your aim. So, in resume in combat you are going to see all your mates dying and the priest, that has the ability to ressurrect, ressing them (or dying too) while you get are kicking some dummy monster butt... So at this time I start thinking why the hell this game is rated M, must be only of the wine-coloured blood, because even a Teletubbies game can be more harder! The last thing I have to say is the poor and OMG story that the game has! The main character of this game "dies" at the beginning of it and you are put in the control of his spirit and with his spirit you can get in any of your mates body to control it, ok, this is consistent, but the true story of the game is totally confusing, out-timed and has no sense!

Dont buy this game, it will be money thrown at the garbage!