Feels solid for an under rated game

User Rating: 9 | Clive Barker's Jericho PS3
For those of us who are big into the FPS genre, there are always hit or misses when it comes to this type of game. For those who are very very big into the horror genre, i.e. F.E.A.R. or Doom 3, this is one you shouldn't miss.

Jericho has a few up down points, but overall the game is rather impressive. The game play is solid. The A.I. is intelligent for the majority of the game, granted there is the rare occasion is decides to become lost of confused.
Even the A.I. for your squad has it's moments of stupidity, but that's to be expected. Each character has it's own personality traits, quirks, and special gifts to add to the groups total balance.

Graphically, the game is very impressive. There are points in the game that the tunnels or hallways can turn you around, but for the most part the detail is very good. Jumping from WWII, with the mortars and trenches. Even moving through to the Crusades, marching through blood and mud. I won't give to much away on that.

As far as controls go, they do take some getting used to. Most default FPS controllers are set up with a basic melee attack and a basic reload, not so with this game. Each gun has varying degrees of fire, from single shot, semi-auto, or full auto. As for melee, some characters have more then one melee attack and others only have the one. Delgado and Church have secondary melee attacks, while Black and Cole for example only have the one.
On top of that adjustment, you also gain the ability to jump from team member to team member. This in itself can be a tad confusing. They seven players are divided into two squads, Alpha Squad and Omega Squad. Switching between players is based on two thing, who you want to play as and which squad they belong to. Needless to say each squad has 3 members, and the 7th member inhabits each player based on who you're playing as at that point. You can also move each squad around on it's own, but for the majority of the game you'll move as one unit.

Overall, Jericho has a very good storyline. Granted some of the cut scenes are very predictable, some making you want to ask "What the hell were you thinking here?"