Jericho is a great first person shooter with some scary flicks to it.

User Rating: 7.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PS3
Jericho is a nice first person shooter. The graphics are fine and the gameplay is interesting. You play as the main character, but you can move from body to body. It's cool using different characters in the game as it can make things easier or harder. Sometimes you will need to be a in specific person to do a certain action. The quick time events are fine and sometimes it's hard. The game itself isn't easy. It's dark and pretty scary. Sometimes you may need to adjust the brightness of the screen.
I think that this game is better than FEAR and I don't understand why GS gave is a fair rating. It should have been within the 7's range.
The Voice Acting was done pretty well and I think the story was sort of well thought. It could have been more developed though.
FPS fans will probably enjoy it, but as you progress through the game... it can get pretty scary and then you may stop at those points. It can get pretty darn hard in the game and it's actually really scary in the middle. Overall, I think this is a great scary game that no FPS fan should miss.