A great MMO that emphasizes teamwork and cooperative play instead of soloing.

User Rating: 9 | City of Heroes PC
When I first read about CoH, i was worried by most writers telling about its more PvE oriented gameplay. This kind of turned me off from the game, as i HATE grinding in WoW. However, the massive character creation tools and the cooperative play emphasized in game really have drawn me to the game. Almost every mission is meant to be done with other people so as to up the experience earned in each mission by increasing the number of enemies relative to the party size. However, it really is not hard at all to find at least one group of your level to do missions with. Usually, in fact, i find a group within the first 5 minutes of asking. Ultimately, though, CoH is about creating your very own hero. If you have ever wanted to be a superhero with very unique powers and a spiffy costume, then CoH/CoV is the game for you. So GO BUY IT NOW!