I can't stand it, and I hate these people for making my favorite worst game ever.

User Rating: 8.5 | City of Heroes PC
How can I make you feel the deep love/hate relationship I have with this game. In almost every way, this is the worst massive multiplayer game to come around in a long time. But, there is so much about it that is just so much fun and addicting.

The bad stuff is more than I can probably list here. The most annoying is the way I feel like I'm paying a monthly fee for a static world. I was pretty perturbed to be giving them my money, not seeing any real content changes, and then finding out they've been spending all their time and MY money on an expansion pack that costs me money. Add onto that, it is an expansion that isn't really an "expansion" in terms most of us enjoy, and more like it's own game. It "kind of" expands things, but overall, I have little to no interest in it. Great, what was I paying all those monthly fees for?

You just run out of things to do. Everything feels static and "the same" after a while. You go new places, but it's not really "new" feeling. It looks great, but burns itself out fast. The travel powers exacerbate this. By being able to fly over stuff so quickly, you don't have the same sense of danger and exploration you would get wandering around on foot in another game. But ever if you did land and look around, it looks just like every other place for the most part.

The mission are the best example. You find a new area, and it rocks. You are seeing new things, it's pretty, dark, creepy, funny, etc. But, they all feel kind randomly generated. (Which I believe they actually are.) There is no sense of discovery or exploration. No real sense of fear. You're just in this instance, and you're killing stuff. First time is amazing. The next few times are less so. But after that it just gets older and older. You very quickly get tired of the same old stuff. If it were all part of some huge world map it might be different. It's crazy fighting your way into some infested stink hole in some games, but this one feels to detached. Get mission, go through mission door, fight stuff, leave, rinse, repeat.... again.... and again.... and again....

I know a lot of online games have this problem, but this one doesn't get enough content upgrades to feel like you're getting your moneys worth. The only thing you do get are almost constant tweaks to classes. If you leave and come back a month later, it's like the game has changed completely. That character you liked playing before feels completely different.

Now, this is what drives me the most crazy. Despite the fact that it is a brainless mind numbing slaughterfest most of the time, I love it. The team dynamic is just so much fun. It's great to enter a mission with a bunch of good players, and kick @$$. I come back for the same crap time and time again. I get bored, quit the game for a while, come back, more awesome monotony.

I can't stand it, and I hate these people for making my favorite worst game ever.