Best game of the series

User Rating: 9.4 | Akumajou Dracula NES
Castlevania, a series synonymous with greatness, up there with Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Final Fantasy among others as a series that you expect great results from. This , my friends, is the one that started it all. As Simon Belmont, part of the prestigious Belmont Family of vampire killers, you must stop Dracula from casting Europe into darkness. Armed with your trusty whip, aptly named the Vampire Killer passed down thru the Belmont Family, you must venture to his castle from the bottom up fighting his creatures of the night. Through out the journey, you will fight many monsters which you will recognize from different horror movies, stories etc. Along with you whip, you will also find an axe, dagger, cross(boomerang), and holy water to aid you in your quest.

The graphics are done very well for the time. You will find great detail in some of the monsters and bosses as well as the levels which were also done very well. My favorite moment graphically (and emotional) would be the stairway to fight Dracula, truly priceless. The sound is done well too. From the enemies to just the environment, its done well. The music is memorable, too. I still hum the song from the first stage. The difficulty is fairly moderate at the beginning then as you move on goes to hard and frustrating at times. But that’s what makes this game fun, the challenge. There is no saving, no difficulty setting, none of these little luxuries games have now. You sit down and beat it despite mostly like dying time after time. That makes beating the game worth it in the end. If you're a very brave soul, the game starts over and will now be evern harder which even im yet to conquer.Thank you Konami for gracing me with this wonderful game. If any of you are lucky enough to find this game, buy it, it’ll be worth it.