Castlevania has awesome music, ground-breaking visuals and the best kind of fun any retro enthusiast would enjoy.

User Rating: 9 | Akumajou Dracula NES
Konami really did do good during the NES era, games such as the renowned Contra series, TMNT games and Track & Field helped shape the world of gaming as we know it today.

However, one game called "Vampire Killer" would make a serious mark on the gaming world. You don't know what Vampire Killer is? Well, it is the gaming legend that is known as Castlevania.

Castlevania is basically a game version of the Hammer Horror films we all know and loved. Hell, there is even a reference to the Hammer Horror flicks on the credits of the game, "Christopher Bee" rings a bell to anyone? :P So the story, the ultimate goal is to kill Dracula.

Although that's not the reason I'm reviewing this game today, the reason I'm reviewing this game is because it's one of the best NES games and for those skeptical about it, I recommend you play it.

But why you may ask?

Well, like Contra, this game has awesome visuals. The enviroments and details on the game itself are tremendous. You can tell that the Castle you explore throughout the game is old and decayed castle thanks to the scarring effects made possible by the excelence in programming by Konami and the strength of the NES' processing power.

Sure it doesn't look good now, but put this in comparsion to other NES games, like the awful Terminator 2 and you'll understand what I mean (please don't play that game for your own sake). But, it also runs at a playable rate which ain't bad at all. The bosses themselves also look outstanding, so it is cool that there are a good few in the game.

The sound of Castlevania would probably also be one of my favrioute game soundtracks of all time. The main theme of the game itself is my favrioute song in the game and hopefully you'll think the same to me if you gave the game a chance.

Although all of the songs are good anyway, and if you aren't capable of playing the game at all, I recommend you listen to those at the very least. Some game enthusiasts even play their own versions of the main theme it is that popular.

But enough of that, it is the game we're all bothered about. Thankfully, you won't be dissapointed by Castlevania, it is really fun. It is a 2D side-scroller, but the weapon, which is a whip, may seem weird at first but don't worry.

Killing those zombies, ghouls and other beings will end up being addictive and engrossing. For the first time, you'll get the chance to fight famous Hammer Horror legends, like Frankenstein and it always feels good to destroy those abominations. It's hard to describe, but you'll understand me once you play the game.

However there are issues. For example the difficulty of the game. Castlevania is very similar in difficulty to Contra, however it is less dificult overall but still is a hard game.

Another problem, like Contra is that the game feels short, although it probably also is intended to be played again as it is designed like an arcade game, like many other NES games. Although once again, this could explain the difficulty of the game.

But in the end, I think you have to play this game. It is very much like many other great NES games. It has awesome music, ground-breaking visuals (for the system anyway) and the best kind of fun any retro enthusiast would enjoy. Get this game.