This is definitely one of the best games for the Nes and probably one of the hardest games i have ever played

User Rating: 10 | Akumajou Dracula NES
The first time I played this I threw the controller on the floor multiple times, this game seemed impossible, at some point I really believed that I could not beat this game. As I continued to play and play I would get closer to the end but at some point get stuck again and after a long painful time of trying to beat the same level over and over again i would quit. Then finally one day by some miracle I got to Dracula I played for three hours trying to beat Dracula and I simply could not so I ended up giving up, so I put away Castlevania for a while. After a couple months I popped it back into the Nintendo and got all the way to Dracula Again and this time by some miracle I beat him, I could not tell you how good I felt that night I had finally beaten Castlevania.

Even Though this game was really cruel on difficulty it felt so good to beat it knowing that I had really accomplished something very difficult. The Game was fun and after beating it i definitely had a new perspective on it, when i was playing before i had beaten it, it was a chore to me, but after beating it i really noticed how fun it was and that maybe someday i would come back to it just to play it for fun.

GameSpot gave this game a 7.1 maybe for today's standards that would be a good grade but for the time it came out there is no question that it should be a 10 there are very few Nes games that could compare to this game every Nes owner should have this game.

There weren't really flaws in this game just really cruel jokes from the programmers. One thing I hated was on level 10 there was a moving platform you had to jump on and as it's moving to it's destination, there's a bat right before it and you have to jump above the bat and back on to the moving platform its a cruel joke, there's no need for that bat to be there its cruel and ridiculous, and there are other parts of level 10 where you are on a moving platform you have to duck so you don't hit the stalactites or you'll fall down and as you are ducking more bats come by and hit you luckily you don't go falling back and die but there's no way of dodging it and they take out like 3 pieces of health again another cruel joke that shouldn't be there, and then probably the worst cruel joke of the game is when you are about to reach death theirs 2 knights throwing axes up and down there are Medusa heads going up and down each time you get hit it take 4 pieces of your health so basically 4 hits and your gone and then on top off that if you even get past them you have to beat death too and hes almost as hard as Dracula that is unforgivable i don't even want to think about it, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Overall though this game is really fun and an instant classic probably my 3rd favorite Nes game if you have a Nes you need to get this game