Juste and Soma combine adventures

User Rating: 8.5 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
Castlevania: Double Pack is a great collection of two of the finest Castlevania games: the old-school Harmony of Dissonance, and the extremely entertaining and immersive Aria of Sorrow. Both are ripped as perfectly as can be, and you won't be finding any problems here. As for the games, I'll give you a brief refresher in case you don't remember. HoD is an old-school Castlevania that features old school sub weapons with the vampire killer whip ready to rumble. Overall, it owns. Aria of Sorrow, one of my personal favorites, features the battle-ready Soma Cruz and his arsenal of newly-aquired souls ready to burn, blast, and curry-sling his way to victory. Both of the games are great on their own, but combined, truly make for a real time sink...you can spend a long time on just one of these, let alone two. Overall, I would say this is an excellent way for anyone to experience the Castlevania formula for the first time, or for old-timers ready for another whip blasting adventure (or Claihm Solais, for that matter).