2 Games for the price of one?!?!?!

User Rating: 8.7 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
This...um...I mean THESE games are awesome! Two games in one cartridge following the awesome storyline of Castlevania.
Both are GREAT games and I recommend you try them out.
The first one, HoD is pretty easy, but you will play to find out what the
ending(s) are. The bosses are pretty cool. Especially Draculas Wraith's last form, which is pretty weird/insane!
The second game, AoS is pretty cool because you collect sould and you will be kept playing until you catch them all! (Pokemon?) With the souls, you can use them to make more powerful weapons, or you can use them for special abilities. Anyways, this game is a bit more challenging and it follows a pretty awesome storyline with 3 endings. The boss of the last ending is pretty hard, unless you have a high level.
The grpahics in bost games aren't prefect, but they don't suck either, and the tunes are pretty cool for video games. In fact, Castlevania is famous for its music.
Some flaws in both games is that you need to do a little figuring out on your own, and there isn't much explanations for anything.
In the end I highly recommend you check these games out.