Surprisingly fun game.

User Rating: 8.5 | Cars 2: The Video Game PS3
For background, I've never seen either Cars movie and some of favourite car games on the PS3 have been Blur, Ridge Racer Unbounded and Dirt Showdown.

I didn't expect much from this game, but four player, heck, even split screen multi-player racing games on the PS3 aren't that common, so I thought I'd try it out. Glad I did. It's great.

It looks okay, not spectacular but functional, the cars handle fine and there's no slowdown.

But the real surprise comes in how many modes there. There are seven modes, with two of them being mutli-player only.

There's just plain racing, racing with weapons, a type of horde mode, chasing enemies, collecting power ups to keep the clock alive, getting high scores from hits and base defense.

Normally I'm not into the cartoon games but I played this game for some time when I first got. For single player there are six levels to work towards and I moved on to something else just near the end of level five.

But as a pick up and play muti-player game with your mate or mates, it's makes my short list of go-to games.

The game comes with 18 cars and I think Disney has some extras you can buy but what you get is more than enough.

The game comes with 15 tracks and some of them are quite fun, in particular the one where there's a tornado or a train coming at you.

It's nice that all the tracks are there and Disney doesn't try to weasel extra tracks from you with DLC, like some other games, yeah I'm talking to you F1 Race Stars.

There's no online which is a pity since it's such a fun game but that's the way it goes.

Quite a treat and well worth it There's probably a copy of it waiting for you at the bottom of your local WalMart video game bargain bin...