Not a CoD clone by any means.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Juarez: The Cartel X360
Some people that review games jump too quickly to saying that a game is bad, or that it is too laggy. No one ever factors in the fun. This was the same with Duke Nukem Forever, sure it was a bad game but it was fun overall. Same goes with this game. I enjoyed the previous titles in this series, so I expected that maybe they would ramp it up a bit. They did that, and I am thankful.
I'm kind of surprised that they even released this game without a big fight. The controversy was that it depicts the events that are happening in Mexico, the gang violence and drug cartels. So for them actually releasing this game, cudos.
The graphics are nice and the gameplay is fast and fun. I love the co-op aspect of the game. More developers should add co-op, it gets more people interested in games. The explosions, especially are B.E.A.U tiful. If your're looking for a copy of Call of Duty, you came to the wrong place.If your're look for a different experience then you have come to the RIGHT place.