This is an absolute butchery of the Call of Juarez series. $30 game for the price of $60.

User Rating: 3 | Call of Juarez: The Cartel X360
I played the first game and after I figured out the stealth bull crap with billy and got to Ray I thought it was a blast probably played through the campaign 3 times I have played brothers in blood countless times. I loved everything about them. I'm telling you that even the first call of juarez is more fun to play IMO than cartel. One of the things that I noticed is that old call of juarez has always had some real good character development aside from the main characters. The enemies seem dull and repetitive and lack a proper story/background.

I understand what they were trying to do by making it modern but I'm not sure why. We have enough modern shooters out there and a decent western shooter is still in high demand.

The pros

The story is decent for what it is and being a bad cop is somewhat enjoyable. There are none of the annoying stealth missions that plague the first 2 titles. I liked the ideal of adding some modern weapons but they could have did a better job preserving the western aspect we loved so well. I can imagine that co-op does have some fun factor to it but I think once you play it once It will not have any replay value. the fire and explosions look pretty good i can't complain about that. But that's about all i can think of.


First complaint is that when I put the game in and it said hit start to begin it did not respond until i hit start about 7 times.
The bullet time is week you cannot select more than one enemy like in past games, and it doesn't last long enough to justify even using it. Car chases are repetitive and aren't anything different then what you would see in your basic GTA games.

When using bullet time your character uses some really nice hateful dialogue but unfortunately there are only 3 different sayings for each character so you will be hearing them repeat themselves throughout the whole game. AI is absolutely atrocious enemies barrier and never change positions or attempt any tactics. Your AI companions (if you are not playing CO-OP) are worthless they cant kill anyone and they follow you around and insult you and run their mouths.

Seems like the enemies never miss a shot so you are constantly barriering witch is fine, But the barrier system is flawed and is in no way as resourceful as the old method or as cool as the old method.

there was a part where I had to pick up a bag of money and carry to a car. When i had the bag they made me walk unrealistically slow while being ambushed by enemies and only get one pistol and for some strange reason you cant use your iron sights when your caring a bag??? I found this more annoying than fun.

Also there is a part where you are fighting a heli and it is blowing up the building. I came across a glitch where you fall through the building and plummet to your death.

I also witnessed some animation glitches where the enemies looked like they were hovering over the ground and the animations were looping. I first encountered this in the strip club. Some guy floated past and i was like (WOAH is that David Blain) LOL.

I found the graphics and enemies blurry and hard to see (especially in the dark or at a distance. Also draw distance is pretty shotty on the 360 as well. Seems like they are using a bloom effect that just doesn't work well or even look good. I was not impressed with level design or graphics.

Your character doesn't jump high or have any maneuvering abilities like climbing or anything. Seems like you can only hop about 3 inches off the ground, That can tend to be annoying in a gun fight.

Gun models look like they were just thrown together real quick. Guns in the old game were sometimes rustic and definitely had more details and were more believable.

Ragdoll deaths i can't complain I found that to be the most entertaining thing about the whole game.

Missions are repetitive you find yourself doing the same things over and over with little to no change in objectives. Almost every mission starts with a car chase or tailing a car. most of the time you have to drive and don't even get to fire a weapon.

Seems like most of the missions are in urban environments and they don't look nearly as impressive as the western scenery you find in the old games. There are some western outdoor backwoods kind of environments but I am not seeing as much of it as I would really like I'm sorry but i still have to give this game a 3 out of 10.