Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Review

User Rating: 9 | Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PS3

Ever Felt Nostalgic and Wanted to see an 80’s Cheesy Western Movie Again, Here’s Your Chance. With Call Of Juarez Gunslinger You Don’t Only Get That But Even More.

Call Of Juarez Story Is Focused Around A Mean, Badass And Dangerous Bounty Hunter, Silas Greaves. Greaves Finds Himself In A Table Of A Saloon In Abilene, Kansas. He Is Then Found In a Conversation With Some Local Folks Dwight, Molly The Whore, Jack, Steve And Ben The Bartender.

The Game Is Divided In A Chapter each One Lasting About 30 min To An Hour Or So. Each Chapter Holds a Famous Outlaw Hunted in All Out War in Varied Landscapes Dried Wastelands, Lively City’s And Great Forests. In The End There Is Also A Plot Twist Connected With Silas Brother’s Murder. Also As Silas Narrates With The Great Cowboy’s Voice – Over Depending On What You Do He Narrates But When Other People Doubt Him He Finds A Quick Excuse And Turns The Story In And Out For Example Once Silas Is In A Rock And A Hard Place And He Says That There Were A 100 Indians But Then He Quickly Find An Excuse.


Call Of Juarez Isn’t Just A Lazy Generic Clone Of Cod ,It’s A Well Realized Surprisingly Not Broken Game With The Previous Entry On The Series ACLAIMED To Be A Huge Let Down People Won’t Really Notice But They Should I Mean It’s A Great Expireance.The Concentration Mode Is Also Back .

The Game Consists of 14 Level’s each one Lasting from Half an Hour to 45 Minuit’s And in Each Level You Hunt a Legendary Outlaw. The Game Also Has Great Action Set-Pieces Like Running On Trains Stuck On A Hill. In Addition There Is A Great Duel System In Which You Have To Build Speed And Focus. Moreover The Game Has A Leveling System Divided In Three Skill Trees.

One Is The Desperado Which Upgrades Your Revolvers And Dual Wielding Capability’s Then There’s The Ranger Witch Enhances Your Aiming With Rifles and Adjusts Your Focus And At The End The Shot gunner Which Is For Stronger Shotguns. Completing a Circle of Any Skill Tree You Are Awarded with a Gold Gun .Also You Are Awarded Points for Scoring Headshots, Meeling, Doing Longshots or Other Tricks of Silas.

You Can Also Dodge Bullets The Old Fashioned Way. It’s Boss Is Usually First Fought In A Battle And Then Faced In A Duel Foe Example To Kill Old Man Clanton You Must First Run Up A Hill From Cover To Cover So You Don’t Get Shoot From His Gatling Gun And Then Slowly Reduce His Health To Zero And Then Fight Him Into A Duel.There Is Also A Great Arcade Mode And A Dueling Mode Not So Good Because It’s The Duels From The Story .

Call Of Juarez Has Taken A Different Graphical Direction Compared To The Previous Installments

. The Graphics Now Are A Bit Comicish And The Action Is Better Put Like That.

The Colors Are Vibrant And The Locations Truly In Depth Detailed With Varied Paths And Secrets To Be Found Also Silas Voice Actor Is Great At Pulling Off That Western Themed Voice.

The Blood Is Also Splats Out In Slow Motion Like It Would In A Comic. The Blood Effect Also Is Remarkable The Blood Splats In The Wall And In The Floor Realistically.Long Load Times Although Break From The Hole Experience .

Call Of Juarez Gunslinger Is A Gaming Masterpiece It’s Almost Flawless So It Gets a