Even in 2003 Call of Duty was the best.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty Classic X360
Today everyone knows Call of Duty as a revelutionary, epic, intense, and very Modern FPS. With the amazing Black Ops hitting store shelves I decided to try Xbox Live Arcades' Call of Duty Classic or Call of Duty 1. I was shocked to find how fun and exciteing it was. I had fun just playing the Boot Camp Style tutorial. However the Story isn't there. It's only told yhrough Journal entries in loading screens. It's a good story and deserves better. There aren't any cut sceens though. The World War 2 setting works great. You play through many historic and famouse battles the highlight being Normandy ( D-day). The Guns in the game have a great feel and the little toches like the fact that when staring down a scope it moves as if you were breathing or that aming down you're sights make you more prices just remind you how COD was ahead of it's time. It also has a great mix of covert intesity and huge firefights. One second you're sneaking around takeing out guards, the next you're cralling across the battlefield avoiding M-16n's and Mortar fire. The way you toggle you're inventory is good. Gernades handel niceliy. One real cool thing you only find in this COD is that by useing you're D-pad you can peak out of cover tho attack enimes. The AI is good but can glicth out but nothing so bad it ruins everything. The biggest problem is the fact that there isn't anything new besides achivemants. The Grahpics aren'tt remastered and nothing has been inproved. That being said the only reason to come back to this is to relive the awesome the awesome adventure. It can also get frustarating with the fact that whenever you die you have to resart the whole mission. Also regenaqrating life is not present so you'll have to search for health packs. In the end if you already own COD1 you should pass this one up but for eveyone else it's a call well worth answering.