Nice port form PC to consoles.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty Classic X360
I've played the first Call of Duty on the PC - and loved it! Now it's here on the Consoles , and here is what I have to say...

Singleplayer -

The singleplayer allows you to play through 22 epic missions. And knowing this is a Call of Duty game , you play more than one character. You will play as a American , Russian, and British soldiers throughout the game. The most fun levels are the russian levels! It will take you about 8-9 hours to finish on regular difficulty.

Multiplayer -

Multiplayer is just your casual Deathmatch ,Team Deathmatch, ect. You can play with up to 8 people. It's very simple and something IW just through in to bring you back , unfortunatly the multiplayer wont have you coming back.!

Presentation -

I was comparing both Versions of the game (PC vs 360) in the graphics department , and I didn't notice the difference. The game visuals are nice and look like the max graphics if you were playing on a PC. The framerate stays at a steady pace of 60 FPS.

Controls -

The controls feels a little awkward, atleast moving your character around looking around, but the buttons are responsive, just saying looking around feels clunky.

If you just want to play this for the multiplayer , you might want to get the PC version, but for everyone else, you need to buy this! MW2 would not be here if it weren't for this game!