Amazing in every single way

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
Call Of Duty for PS3 is the best port of the original CoD. In the game you have 3 campaigns, US, UK and Russian campaign. The game offeres so many weapons that you can't remember them. The best weapon is definetely MP44 but good luck finding ammo. The game has great graphics, at least for 2003 and the game is fairily easy. You can beat it in less than 5 hours. Framerate is almost constant 60fps and I can forgive those frame drops because it dosen't affect the game. The only con I have are the shooting controls, you shoot with R2 and aim with L2. In the other CoD games you shoot with R1 and aim with L1, but you can set that up. I'm really harsh when talking about video game ratings but this deserves a 10. I can forgive frame drops because it dosen't affect the game. It's still fun to play and I recommend everybody to play it if you have a PS3 or even PC. Pros: Graphics, Story, Multiplayer... Oh, did I mention that CoD has great multiplayer? Try it yourself, it's really worth playing. Cons: Framerate drops