A game that should definitely be played by anyone who is a fan of the most recent Call of Duty games.

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
Call of Duty is the game that started it all. This one is called Call of Duty "Classic" for a reason. It may be roughly six years late as far as being on consoles goes, but it's still worth the play-through.

This game of course revolves around the WWII conflict, more specifically in Europe as most other WWII shooters have been focused on. It's basically a 3-in-1 campaign as you play from an American, British, and Soviet soldier's point-of-view during the entire course of the game. It goes through some of the main conflicts and turning points of the way such as D-day and the Battle of Stalingrad.

So maybe it's just your typical WWII game, but the story told quite well thanks to the cut scenes inbetween levels (which are basically just slideshows with talking, but still). Throughout the game you'll be doing plenty of the over-the-top things you would expect from any Call of Duty game. You'll be taking on countless enemies by yourself or with a few buddies, shooting down airplanes, blowing up tanks, sniping people, controlling a tank, and so on.

Each of the campaigns are unique in some way shape or form. The one for the Soviets was more dramatic, and the fact that they killed their own soldiers if they backed down was stressed very much. Overall the story is done well, which may not be too hard to do for a WWII game as the story is all ready laid out there.

The gameplay itself is decent. There are some flaws though. For example I was not a fan of the control scheme, and the overall movement of the characters. Switching weapons is hassling, and shooting with the L2 and R2 buttons takes a bit too get use to if you've always used L1 and R1. There is no option to run. Instead it's just a constant trot that's neither fast nor slow. Call of Duty uses the old school health bar that isn't seen in as many shooters today. There are quite a number of health packs lying around typically, but still it sucks to be near death and you still have a ways to go before a check point.

The difficulty of this game is very inconsistant. At times it felt like a breeze shooting a few guys at a time, moving on, and doing the same thing again. Other times it felt very unfair and cheap as far as getting killed goes. There are several instances where you just wonder how the hell you died. For example I'll walk into a warehouse I just cleared. I'll go in, look behind me, try to continue on, then someone comes up behind me and kills me. And thanks to the somewhat sloppy controls, it can be hard to react in time.

Another thing that disappoints me is how the PC version is still superior to the console ones. The graphics for this game on the PS3 hardly look "HD". The sound is good though.

But despite the flaws this game was worth playing through. The trophies for this game on the PS3 were a nice touch. There's nothing to do after the game has been beaten however. The online multiplayer is practically non-existant, so don't expect to play full-blown matches online.

So definitely give this game a go if you are a recent fan of Call of Duty games, as this one started it all.