Infinity Ward gives gamers a blast from the past, and it's a great one.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty Classic PS3
I like the Call of Duty series. The developers know what they're doing, whether it may be developed by Treyarch, or Infinity Ward, or n-Space, or whatever. The series has continued it's long line of games for quite a few years now. Now, Infinity Ward brings gamers back to the time of the original Call of Duty. Is it still a superb game today, or has Call of Duty not survived the tides of time? Well, I think Call of Duty has survived. It's still a great game. It's still very addictive, still fun, but still has some problems. Look at the chart below to see what I thought.

-Fun multiplayer
-Lots of levels
-Never gets boring
-Good controls and gameplay
-Great HD transfer
-Good voice acting
-Good price

-Opening videos and game menus aren't in HD
-A few game glitches are found throughout the game
-Uneven difficulty
-Not many multiplayer options to choose from

Overall, this is a great downloadable game that deserves your time and money.