I wonder when mowing down Nazis is going to get old, cause it's still pretty good fun

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts PS2
I'm pretty sure if you took every WW2 game and played them back to back they'd probably last longer than the war itself. That said I don't think there's a person alive who still doesn't enjoy giving the Third Reich a good beating, and whilst this game offers that you also get to have a crack at the Japanese as well.
I played World at War before on the 360 and wasn't impressed. I'm a great believer that a game should be, first and foremost, Fun. Everything else comes second to that, and whilst I appreciate what World at War tried to do by showing the nitty gritty side of war It wasn't fun. It was depressing and after the first Russian level I was starting to feel sick, I mean the first thing you have to do is shoot two wounded Germans.
Luckily this game is different. Final Fronts is essentially Big Red One 2, The graphics, Gameplay and voice acting was very similar, which was good as I enjoyed Big Red One.
In this Game you play as an American Marine in the pacific, A G.I in Bastonge and a British Paratrooper during the crossing of the Rhine. To anyone who's played Call of Duty before the levels will feel a bit recycled as you do the same things you always do in Call of Duty, clear this bunker, put a charge on that gun, and it's a testament to Call of Duty that this is still relatively fun.
The weapons are again the same ones everyone's familiar with, Thompson, Garand, Lee Enfield, MP-40 and although the inclusion of Japanese guns is a breath of Fresh air they still, just, feel the same as the others.
The Graphics aren't Great but they do the job well enough, the Guns are recognisable, explosions look good and the characters look acceptable if you don't look at them too long.
The Sound is excellent, good music, excellent sound effects and voice acting that varies from good to extremely irritating.
In fact the voice acting felt like a little in joke to me as I recognised the voices of Dave Wittenberg and Steve Blum, Both Voice actors who I remembered from Naruto. so there was a nice little bit of Irony, fighting against the Japanese with Ninja's on my side.
There are a few flaws in the Gameplay that mar this otherwise great game, such as if you come up against an MG it will always ignore your allies and focus on you, even if you are in deep cover and their standing in the open.
This is not a great game, It's a good game that Delivers the same thing as last year yet still manages to keep it enjoyable.