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    I have to agree with King, The Shining was absolutely terrible. It abandoned most of the key points of the novel, and Nicholson running around shredding scenery was the only horrifying thing about i...

  • joeywyss wrote a review of INSIDE.
    User Rating 9
    Beautifully spooky, frustratingly addictive, Must have !

    One of the finest indie titles in my library, across all my consoles. So addictive that I didn't realize how many hours had gone by on my first run, and I'm usually an FPS guy. First off, the producti...

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  • joeywyss wrote a review of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.
    User Rating 5
    More Frustrating than Fun

    Unfortunately, I dumped the game before getting anywhere near the depth of the story. The side mission gameplay is just too frustrating and inept, the puzzles seem more of an excuse to burn your cas...

  • joeywyss wrote a review of Call of Duty: Ghosts (Limited Edition).
    User Rating 6
    My First COD Disappointment

    This is the first time I'm completely disappointed in a COD release, which is a shame because on first glance it has so much going for it. The environments alone were great, taking you to outer space,...

  • joeywyss wrote a review of The Evil Within.
    User Rating 9
    Satisfying Horror that makes you work for it.

    The absolute best thing about Evil Within is that it MAKES you get good at all aspects of the game. We've all played games where once you get the right BFG or the right amount of armor, you barely re...

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    I Aint Thru with 3 yet, Sony

    Still enjoying the sh&t out of my PS3, Sony. Especially since I upgraded to HD-3d-TV. I'm pulling out alll the old shizz and jamming the **** out of it. I would have been tempted to up to PS4 (bec...

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