Pretty Bland...

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty: World at War PC
I have only played the singleplayer game, so this review doesn't include any multiplayer observations.

This is basically yet another WW2 FPS, linear, generic game. No amount of fancy presentation is going to disguise that.

I would say that this game just reminds me of every other COD or MOH game in the past however I would actually say the original MOH games were a bit better.

That isn't saying much. I mean it is a decent enough FPS, bland, generic, completely by the numbers....but playable.

Don't expect anything beyond any other WW2 shooter you have played before and you will do fine.

I wouldn't ever have any desire to play it through again though. With the money this company makes through these games you would think they would be a little more imaginative or interesting.

Of course I am utterly bored with WW2 games so this game loses a lot through that. However also this game has all the flaws of COD4 aswell.

Well anyway on the PC there are a endless different FPS which are far better than this game in almost every way. So unless you have nothing else to play I would suggest not buying this game.