The bomb has been planted!

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: Black Ops II PC

Oh wait that's a different video game...dammit....

The Good:

Good story (....for a military game that is) that takes place in both past and future.

Ability to play as different characters, many types of drones and vehicles (Both ground and air) which gives a very wide array of action packed experience throughout the game.

Choices: Some actions and choices you make, the objective you complete (or not complete) affects the forthcoming story and the ending.

Strike Force Missions: These are like regular missions but in a more RTS style. It gives you a certain task to complete and grants you with a number of special types of soldiers and drones. Player can command each of these units throughout the battlefield via tactical view while also assuming control of one of those units to get in to the action themselves. Each of the mission objectives are varied as one may be of defending a convoy while other being attacking a battleship. The completion of each mission also affects the outcome of main story. It's a very nicely done concept and good change of pace from the main missions.

The Bad:



Graphics still looks like something from 2007.


This may not be the best FPS I played but it certainly has a number of good features to distinct itself from the rest of its kind. That combined with a good story and action-packed gameplay makes this a very entertaining video game.

Rate: 8.5/10