better than eva

User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3
My inaugural review and game played for that matter on the PS3 may ruin me for reviewing future games on the system. Call of Duty 4 is flat out the prettiest game I've played on a console, hands down. The smoke and lighting effects in the game are great, as well as the water, rain, and other elements you deal with.

The story is fairly strong as well, as this is something that could very well be on the front page of a news paper in the near future. A middle-eastern extremist has overthrown his country's leader in a bloody coup. This country also has access to nuclear weapons. It's up to you to help the USMC and the British SAS prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Like it's predecessor, you will play multiple characters throughout the game. The story transition between the SAS and USMC is smooth and makes sense, which is something I couldn't necessarily say about Call of Duty 3. You never really understood why you were being put in someone else's shoes then, whereas here your mission objectives co-mingle a bit, especially towards the end of the game...

... Which brings up Call of Duty 4's largest weakpoint, and that is that the single player campaign is over way too soon. It's an engrossing story, and you can't wait to get to the next mission, but then boom, it's over with. The single player campaign probably will take most gamers no more than 10 hours to finish.

Luckily there's online multiplayer mode. This mode will keep you playing the game pretty much indefinitely, as you'll not be able to get enough of the gorgeous graphics with just the single player. Multiplayer is loaded with features. There are several varieties of game including your standard deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag, but then some unique modes like sabotage where there's a bomb in the middle of the field and you must use it to blow up your opponent's base.

In addition to the numerous modes, you've got the rank and perk systems as well. Your rank allows you to perform certain actions in the game. This includes being able to create a custom class for your multiplayer enjoyment as well as earn different weapons, upgrades, and perks. The perk system is the newest, and in my opinion coolest, addition in this version of the series. The perk system allows you certain special powers to aid you in mowing down the enemy. You're only allowed three active at any given time, and only certain perks are available in certain slots as well. Some of the perks you can get are "Extreme Conditioning" which allows you to run for a longer distance before being forced to walk. "Last Stand" is a personal favorite as it allows you to take a couple last pot shots with your pistol at the jerk that shot you up if he didn't land a fatal (read: head shot) blow. There's a slew more for you to discover as well, so customization of your online persona is great even if you can't change your outward appearance.

This is by far the greatest version of the Call of Duty franchise. Were it not for the extremely short single player campaign, and at the moment a limited choice of multiplayer maps, this would make a must own game for any PS3 owner. However, those shortcomings knock it down to a rating of "Worth Owning" and a numeric rating of 9.4.