CoD4 really is the best shooter on PS3, the game is a must have.

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3
The first thing you notice in CoD4 is that the graphics are fantastic - then you notice that its set in modern day. Its a great move to finally get away from the WW2 settings, Modern Warfare really gives you the feeling that your actually taking part in this war. Firstly the graphics, the lighting is great, the textures are perfect, even up close. It really helps the game achieve that sense of realism. The guns are great, all do what they're meant to do, there isn't one rubbish gun in there. The explosions are loud and look great, to be honest the game is perfect. There isn't one thing in the game that could do with improvement, everything is as it should be, the game feels finished and perfected. The story is short, one downside, but its not really a downside as its so good you'll replay it a million times, and you get sucked in, its awesome. And to be fair, with so much good quality put into the game, you cant really expect the longest single player campaign in the world, and it doesn't need it.
The multiplayer is just as good as the main story mode. Infact, its better in its own ways, simply for the fact that its online multiplayer, the feeling of playing with friends around the world, everyone who's played an online game has had that feeling, but CoD4 takes it to an all new level. In some games you see other people on your team, doing there own thing, running around aimlessly. They are actually taking part in the game but it feels as if they are doing it for themselves, in CoD4, its more of a team game - but not like Rainbow Six Vegas for example, where your a team, you got an objective, you work th best way around as a team. Its more like you do your own thing, but you still feel part of a team, and without mics too, there are guys running around doing their own thing, but it doesn't look like that guys just running around aimlessly. Its like he's planning something, he's got his own idea of whats going on and what has to be done, and he's doing it for the team. And all this is just by looking at it. Just simply taking part in an online team deathmatch and killing the other guys. Without even talking to your guys you still feel what everyone is doing, what their tactics are etc.
Its a strange feeling, but you really have to play it to understand what the hell im going on about. You simply have to play this game, go buy it and your sure to be happy with it, its money well spent. Go and rent it and you'll just be craving for it more, it really is that good.
Theres a lot more to the game, but I think you get the idea that no matter what anyone says, this game is worth your money, and thats all it has to be.