Big Red One is a good game but it does few things that make it a bit different from other Call of Duty games.

User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty 2: Big Red One PS2
When I bought Big Red One I thought it would be an aw some shooter for the ps2. It was not a bad game but number 1, it was not done by infinity Ward the original makers of Call of Duty. In Big Red One you play as the Americans and only the Americans. No British or Russians. That isn't bad but it is different and seems a little weird. The game has about 14 levels. Most of the levels are pretty fun , like the ones were you are in a plane and have to drop bombs on ships, but the game does not have a lot of replay value. Not to mention that the game only lasts a few hours. One big thing that is bad about this game are the guns. The don't sound that realistic and instead sound like you are in a shooting gallery like the Game Spot reviewer said. If you are big fan WW 2 shooters than you will like Big Red One.