We waited a long LONG time. For something worse than CoD4 DS.

User Rating: 4.5 | C.O.R.E. DS
Yes, we waited a year, yes we all were told of the "hard-core-ness" of CORE. As said once by GLaDOS "It was blatant Fabrication"
You begin the campain facing a flat-textured army dude who tells you to go off and do your own recon, while the rest of the squad does their own thing. Typical. A cool feature is the way you can look through computer security cameras to find the locations of your enemies. This would be extremely useful if every room didn't look EXACTLY the same. Yes you barge into about room no3 and are faced by a pixelated hovering android. The curser does not change to red when you aim at it. Thus when it dies its slow death, you dont know its dead until you have wasted 10 rounds on empty space.

The multiplayer is better, in many aspects, shoot it out, 4 player download and has good arenas - 10 of them, in fact. More maps than Conduit, in fact. Perhaps this can turn it around. Wait- It doesn't

To add to the lack of hardcoreness it has pitiful blood trickles when you shoot the beings and also NO RELOADING or MELEE!!

So CORE is overally another thing to add to DS-Fail pile. except the multiplayer which is quite enjoyable-for 10 seconds.