when its being delayed a 100 times dont buy it

User Rating: 2.5 | C.O.R.E. DS
Its supposed to be a rule for every one out there that if something does not come out for quite some time because delay then the project is failing or the makers just sit and do nothing and you should give up on it until most people agree that is good but otherwise dont get that product and this game is no exception

now the idea of an old school styled FPS is amazing and the ds is quite an interesting platform so this game isnt so good well its because of one of the most important game features gameplay
its not so easy to aim and move around at the same time its really a pain in a shoot out also before this game was released it was supposed to feature online Wi-Fi but they decided to cancel it proof that they fail

as goes for graphics well its a 3d ds game so it has sort of crisp ps1 styled graphics and thats good enough for me so no down points here

the sounds are also nice but nothing special

the game design is so annoying that it drags me insane such annoying level design I get lost with ease

the value isn't all that special only and story mode and a local multiplayer which I never got to try

Overall this isn't a great a game and I lost hope a long time ago but now I trully know that its bad