It combines successfully the old school adventure and new 3d game play

User Rating: 8 | Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon PC
Broken Sword Sleeping Dragon is a highly addictive adventure game, still carries the spirit of last two games.You will see ex friends from the last two games, such as Nico and her french friend who knows everything.Dialogues between Nico and George are fun.The story is deep and exciting.Sometimes game gets a little tricky, and gets hard to solve the puzzles but its just right for a hardcore adventure game player.The 3d game play brings new type of puzzles such as pulling and pushing creates to the right place, and combining items and using them in the right coordination.There is also action scenes that you must click at the right time to the right button.Its fun and exciting, and breaks the slow adventure game play.Nico will be your company in this game, and for solving some of the puzzles you need her.I highly reccomend this game for adventure lovers.But for people who searches for fast action games, its not a good choice.