Good adventure game that adds something to the genre. Directer's cut is not better than the orginial.

User Rating: 7.5 | Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut PC
I was entertained all the way through broken sword directors cut. The new parts has puzzles and story where you can play as Nico. However it feels a bit odd as it looks obviously newer than the old parts of the game.--------------------George, Nico and just about every character you meet has originality and it feels like a good detective movie of some sorts.-------------------The first couple of hours the game is in France, but then the journey and discoveries leads to other european countries, on a quest to solve a mystery and a chase in the footstep of a psychotic killer!----------------------I must admit some of the puzzles are hard because suddenly it has to be solved with a game mechanic you didn't think would be possible.--------------------This adventure game is one of the better together with broken sword 2 which is just as nice. It's 2D and has a cartoonish style I digged a whole lot when I first played it in my younger days.------------------Adventure games are great, they involve almost zero violence and more use of brain.------------------------Broken sword is full of humor, like the monkey island series. The game can be played within 10-20 hours.------------------I think the ending could have been a little bit better. First I thought they made it that way to get the game done in a sudden, but also it's not so bad and a bit hilarious too.-----------------------And last. I kind of liked the old version better since the new stuff sounds and looks very different. The piecing togetther of old and new material is really not polished either. Though it was fun to play as Nico and the new puzzles where good too. (Edit:pardon my wall of text but there seems to be a problem).------------If you dont like getting stuck and then finally solve something and proceed, dont try this game. If you have played it and completed it in less than 10 hours, you either used a walkthrough or you are very good at it :)----------The original version deserves a score of 8,5, though directer's cut adds new material, it feels abit butchered to be honest. Play the original first and if you ever want to relive it again then try this version. Fans are missing something out, newcomers do best to skip directer's cut.